Track and Field


There are so many ways to wear a faux fur vest; over dresses, adding it as a third piece to your outfit, maybe even with your cashmere midi skirt paired with tights for the fall. For me, I love to make my faux fur vest the unexpected piece.


As I was scrolling through Zara one day I came across these embellished…wait for it… TRACK SHORTS. Yes. Track shorts. I had to have them right away. Of course for me these embellished track shorts would be considered casual wear on a random Tuesday running errands. So, for this shoot I wanted to keep it casual but super fun. I paired the shorts with my favorite Nike tank and sneakers. The three pieces play really well with one another since they are athletic silhouettes, but then add the embellishments and you instantly upgrade your look.


I felt like something was missing when I had the tank and shorts on and felt as if it needed texture/a third piece; this is where the faux fur vest came into play. It’s the perfect touch to bring my look from fun to luxe. Some wouldn’t expect a faux fur vest with athletic wear, but when you have the right balance of pieces and colors, it can work out in your favor. Let me know if you have any questions about mixing faux fur with athletic wear and please share with me how you wear your faux fur vest! I would LOVE to see your looks!


All photos taken by Preston Groff . Please take a look at his work and contact him if you want to shoot with him. He is SO TALENTED and is awesome to work with! Thanks Preston!


Top: Nike “Tomboy” Tank

Sneakers: I got them a couple months ago so I couldn’t find them online for you guys so click here for another similar pair! It’s so cute!

Shorts: I got them awhile ago so they are not online anymore BUT, the tank would look so cute with THESE.

Faux Fur Vest: Again, I got it at Zara awhile ago so it’s sold out, but click here for a similar vest!


Instagram: @kanofkandeur

Twitter: @thekanofkandeur







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