The Flats and DVF

So I’ve been ever so slowly adjusting to Cleveland and there’s one thing that I’ve learned about this city; it has the cutest hidden gems. I grew up going to the beach every single summer and being here in CLE reminds me of home. It’s next to the water, well fresh water, and it’s certainly … More The Flats and DVF

The Land.

  Hello Friends! I’ve recently moved to Cleveland for a job promotion and moving to a different city for the FIRST time without knowing a single person is a pretty tough transition. It was kind of a struggle to keep up with blogging while figuring out how and where to live in The Land. Then once … More The Land.

Winter to Spring

  I fell in love with this dress the moment I laid my eyes on it because I really think it’s a piece of art. Notice how the bottom designs are all dark and muted and as you move up it starts to grow lighter and blooms into life. It can represent the ever changing seasons, but to … More Winter to Spring

Track and Field

There are so many ways to wear a faux fur vest; over dresses, adding it as a third piece to your outfit, maybe even with your cashmere midi skirt paired with tights for the fall. For me, I love to make my faux fur vest the unexpected piece. As I was scrolling through Zara one … More Track and Field

Springtime Neutrals.

It’s that time of year again to refresh your winter/holiday wardrobe color palette to something fresh, neutral, and clean. I tend to opt for light sheer pinks, creams, and nudes; but let’s be real guys, that’s my color palette all year round.This simple light pink button down that I tied at the bottom is paired … More Springtime Neutrals.

Looking Forward

Hello Friends! I apologize for being MIA the past couple days! I have a couple projects lined up that I am super excited to share with you all so please stay tuned! In the meantime, stay beautiful and stay positive.   xo, Kan   Instagram: @kanofkandeur Twitter: @thekanofkandeur LookBook: